The 3 important questions to ask before marrying a woman

Getting married is not something that you should do just because of pressure. You need to make sure that the two of you are ready with the next chapters of your lives once you decide to be with each other forever. Men, more importantly, need to be sure. You wouldn’t want to be cheating your way around just because you made the wrong decision, right? Here are the important questions that you need to ask your girl before going through the marriage preparation.

1. Can we try to live together before the wedding?

It is not that you are disrespectful, but you are doing the two of you a favor. If you can live together before all the marriage deal, it will be easier for the two of you to check the life you will be having once you are married. It’s like giving it a shot if you can stand each other’s presence every day.

2. Will you support me with my work?

The ideal answer would be yes, but it is important that you set this thought straight. Some marriages failed because the spouse can’t give a hundred percent support. The guys are expected to work so we have to understand that he will not be able to go home earlier than expected all the time.

3. How well do you know household chores?

It is not a question that is just applicable for women. Even men need to know his way around the house. Whether you are a man or lady, it is essential that the both of you knows how to cook and the basics of cleaning.

Here are the top three questions that men should ask his girl before he pops the question. It is better to be certain rather than sorry in the end.