The top 3 reasons why guys date someone older than them

Ladies are known to be picky when it comes to the guys they will date, but they are not the only ones. Men can also have their preference when it comes to the women they want to date. With that being said, let’s find out the top reasons why guys would prefer to date a lady older than them. Check it out.

1. She can stand on her own

Dating older women means that she is already established enough with her life. Most of the time, men are irritated with the ladies who get a bit clingy after a session of sex. It is not something that would happen if you date a more established woman. It’s because they have a life to run and they could care less if you are around or not. Their lives would go on with or without you.

2. She’s got the class

If you date someone older than you, there is no reason for you to worry or think too much if she is someone that you can bring along to some functions and parties. She already has an experience with all that, so you can be assured that she will not end up like a chaperone that can’t even leave your side.

3. Going out with no drama

At this point in their lives, if you ask an older woman for a date, it will be less hassle. She is no longer the girl who will announce your date with all her friends before she can even agree to go out with you. If she wants to go out with you, she will tell it straight up with no drama saying she’ll think about it just for the sake of saying it.

There is no doubt why there are men who get interested in a woman older than them. It’s because of these top three reasons why most men enjoy their company.